About Kathy Broderick

Education & Training

I began training as a voice artist in 2005, working with many gifted teachers in New York, Boston, and Connecticut and have been working as a full time talent since then. I also have a master’s degree in education and taught students from kindergarten to college level.

And of course, I’ve learned a lot from my husband, two children, three cats and a dog!

About Kathy

Every week I read the news to the blind on Insight radio, usually it's the USA Today.

I have produced many real estate tours for Imagemaker360 creating property descriptions for homes throughout the US and Canada. I have also voiced commercials for TV, radio, and the web, as well as TV promos and phone messages. Voicing training materials for all age groups is one of my favorite things to do.

Illustration of Story Teller Illustration of Reading Group

My life's travels have lead me from story teller to ... well, story teller.